Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate schemes can be a great way to earn extra money from your website.

When you join an affiliate scheme, you are basically becoming a sales person for another person or company’s product. This other person or company is normally referred to as “the merchant”.

The merchant provides you, the affiliate, with various text and banner links that you can display on your own website in order to send people to the merchant’s site.

You then get paid a commission on sales made when someone clicks on one of the affiliate links on your site and then buys something from the merchant as a result.

It is relatively easy for anyone with a website to make a little bit of money from joining one or more affiliate schemes. Assuming you already have a website, the first thing to do is select your merchants. The easiest way to do this is to join one or more of the various affiliate networks. This saves you the bother of searching the entire web for individual merchants and provides a centralised mechanism for you to receive your affiliate commission payments.

Three of the biggest UK based affiliate networks are: All the above networks offer affiliate schemes from a wide range of merchants – from big name retailers such as B&Q through to smaller specialist businesses.

There are also some affiliate networks that specialise in a particular industry sector. One such example is e-Financial Affiliates. As their name suggests they focus on a small selection of merchants all from the financial services sector, offering products and services such as personal loans, debt management, and mortgages.

In most cases there is no charge for an affiliate to join a network. Therefore, it makes sense to join a few of them in order to give yourself access to the widest choice of merchants.

To have the best chance of visitors to your site clicking on your affiliate links, it makes sense to choose affiliates who offer products and services closely related to the content of your own website. That way, the affiliate schemes you are promoting are more likely to be of interest to your site’s visitors.

Making a living as an affiliate

I said earlier that it was quite easy to make a little bit of money from being an affiliate. That’s certainly true, and it shouldn’t be too hard for you to make sufficient extra income from affiliate schemes to cover the costs of running and hosting your website.

But there are people who have managed to make affiliate marketing their full-time job. Yes, that’s right – some people have got so good at this that affiliate schemes provide the sole source of revenue for their business.

If done properly, affiliate marketing really is a way to earn money whilst you sleep. But getting to that stage takes some time and effort, and requires a better understanding of affiliate marketing than can be covered in this one short article.

If you want to know more about making serious money from affiliate schemes, then you should take a look at Michael Campbell’s book Clickin’ It Rich.

In this book, Michael describes how he uses search engine optimisation skills and Google AdWords to promote a number of affiliate schemes which between them give him an income of $200,000 a year. The book costs less than $50 (i.e. about £30) and is well worth a read. It even comes with a no-quibble refund offer so you have nothing to lose by buying it.

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