It's All About Selling

Here are some sales nuggets that may strike a chord. How do your selling skills measure up?

“People do business with people that they get on with and trust”

Sometimes the salesperson goes OTT – and that can be just as off putting as the disinterested sales assistant – but empathy goes along way.

“Sell the sizzle, not the sausage”

Too often people will try and sell a product with features and overlook the obvious:
  • What will it do for the recipient?
  • What savings in time / money will the use of the product generate?
  • Is it a status symbol – the classic boys’ toy?
  • Focus on the benefits
…and that can help overcome the “So what?” response from a prospective client.

“Under promise and over supply”

Find out through the course of the meeting precisely what the client’s expectations are in terms of delivery, quality, service etc. Avoid over promising – people will see through that and the likelihood of repeat business is slim.

Ask the client what the next step in the process will be – if they need the goods yesterday then clearly as a business they need to start thinking a bit about planning.

If the client needs the report by next Thursday then, rather than promising to deliver on Monday, meet the clients expectations and go for Thursday. If the report is then delivered on Wednesday the client will be appreciative – and will remember. Had you promised Monday and then delivered on Wednesday the client would also remember – for the wrong reasons. Think about how you would feel if it happened to you? Now put yourself in your client’s shoes….

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