Tasks Lists – The Bring Forward System

Writing a shopping list makes it easier to plan and budget when walking around the supermarket and doing the weekly food shop.

But how many of us use a shopping list for our businesses?

A task list, or bring forward system, has many uses.

Having listed everything that should be done, identify the “Must do’s” and prioritise.

Using tasks lists can help with all of the following:

  • Information for future work – e.g. finalise the sales presentation notes a few days before the meeting
  • Bookings – travel and hotel made in good time – avoiding the last minute rush and paying “rack rates”.
  • Reminders in advance of coming events
  • Material for when next in the office
  • Part finished work kept until all information etc available
  • All requirements for travel are attended to in advance (visas, inoculations, etc)
  • Workstation should never be overflowing
  • No surprises – nothing at the last moment
  • Peaks and troughs ironed out
  • Chase-ups and reminders of all sorts - e.g. for telephone calls or promised actions
  • Last progress report – if you have delegated to a colleague then it becomes easy to know who is doing what
  • Targets to be reached by set dates – e.g. the VAT return by the end of the month
Don’t forget
  • Birthdays / anniversaries
  • Check-ups: car (mot, insurance), dentist, doctor, etc
Keep your tasks list simple, either on paper or on a PC or PDA. Try and limit it to a single page though.

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