Why Your Business Needs Corporate Medical Insurance

A corporate medical insurance policy (also known as group private medical insurance) provides private healthcare insurance for you, your staff and their families, all of whom benefit from the same price advantages.

When provided as part of a staff benefits package, group private medical insurance provides prompt quality medical care for your staff, and can also help improve your staff retention levels and make it easier for you to recruit quality staff. In this way, you, your business, and your employees all benefit.

Most companies buy this type of insurance for their management and/or employees to gain the reassurance of knowing that treatment is available for their staff promptly if they become ill or are injured.

As private patients you and your employees can normally choose when treatment will take place, the specialist who carries out the treatment, and at which hospital. You’ll also benefit from the privacy of an en-suite room complete with TV and other home comforts.

Some illnesses and treatments will not be covered by a group private medical insurance policy. Group PMI is not designed to replace all the services offered by the NHS, as some, such as accident and emergency, are beyond the scope of most private hospitals.

The Benefits

If you required an operation or other medical treatment, would you really want to have wait months or even years for it?

As a business owner, would you want you want a member of your staff to have to endure a similar wait?

How much productivity might your business lose whilst you or one of your employees were stuck on a hospital waiting list?

If your company has corporate medical insurance, such problems need not arise.

When your doctor says that you need to go into hospital for surgery you will not have to wait any longer than it takes for your consultant to arrange your admission.

Your time of treatment will be at your convenience and carried out in modern, up to date facilities at one of hundreds of treatment facilities throughout the UK.

Your stay in hospital will be like booking into a first class hotel, with your own private room and facilities, and menus you would expect to find in a hotel and not a hospital.

For more information on corporate medical insurance and to request a no-obligation quote, please visit www.corporate-medical.co.uk.

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