Franking Machines

A franking machine helps your business reduce the cost and hassle of sending business post and lets you promote a professional image of your company.

Pitney Bowes, a leading supplier of UK franking machines, are currently offering businesses a free 30 day trial on their franking machines. The franking machine comes with a set of digital postal scales and includes £20 worth of free postage.

To take advantage of this offer, just click here, or read on to find out more about the benefits of using a franking machine in your business.

Avoid trips to the Post Office

Time spent queuing at the Post Office to weigh items of mail and buy stamps is wasted time. With a franking machine, these trips to the Post Office become a thing of the past. Instead, your franking machine makes a quick phone call and the required postage value is sent quickly and securely down your phone line.

Cut your postage costs

Franking machines comes with their own postage scales for weighing all items of mail that your business sends. This means that, instead of guessing the weight and sticking on extra unnecessary stamps “just in case”, you always know exactly how much it will cost to send each letter or parcel. Independent surveys suggest that the amount saved by always paying no more than the correct amount of postage can be as high as 20%.

Enhance your business image

Sending properly franked mail looks so much more professional than using a collection of hastily and untidily stuck on stamps. Isn’t time you gave your business that “big company” look?

Free advertising

A franking machine allows you to print your own company logo or advertising message along side the postage mark. Just think – a free advert on every item of post your business sends!

To see how a franking machine can help improve the image and efficiency of your business, and at the same time reduce your postage costs, why not take advantage of the free trial offer from Pitney Bowes.

With this special offer, you will receive a Pitney Bowes PersonalPost™ franking machine which comes pre-loaded with £20 worth of free postage.

Plus if you order before the end of the month you will also get a free personalised logo to print on your envelopes. This normally costs an extra £45.

If within the first 30 days you decide that you do not want to keep the machine, Pitney Bowes will collect it and take it back at no cost to you and you will owe them nothing.

So what are you waiting for? Click here and you can be on your way to claiming your £20 worth of free postage!

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