Where to Find Free Articles For Your Website

When it comes to achieving a high search engine ranking for your website, one of the best things to do is to make sure that your website contains lots of useful information – also known as content.

One of the original purposes of the world wide web was to provide people with information. As a result, the search engines have always looked favourably on sites that have plenty of content. A single page site giving a brief statement about your business and a few contact details is not going to cut it with the search engines.

Of course, just having lots of content is not quite all there is to it. The content you have needs to be relevant to your business and hence to your target audience. For example, a company selling clothes could in theory put lots of content about computers on its website, but this won’t help them rank highly when people search Google for the term “clothes shop”.

So, how do you go about filling your website with lots of relevant content?

One way is to sit down and write it all yourself. Great if you have lots of time, a good way with words, and know plenty about your chosen subject.

But for many business owners, time does not permit this option.

An alternative is to make use of one of the various free article libraries on the web. Sites such as goarticles.com allow you to search for free reprint articles on your chosen subject. You can then add these to your own site as a quick way of building up several pages of useful relevant content. You benefit by having the hard work done for you and the article writer benefits because they will usually have included a link to their own site within the article.

You can also submit your own articles to these sites in the hope that people will publish them, thus promoting your site.

Google is very keen on links between sites that have similar content, so this is a good way of boosting the rankings of all the sites that are involved in such article swapping.

You can save even more time by using article generation software such as The Article System. Software such as this takes all the hassle out of creating new content for your site. The Article System gathers keyword-rich articles, and instantly generates customised web pages that will bring targeted traffic to your site. The pages are created right on your website so you don't even have to upload them!

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