Making Money From Google AdSense

Have you noticed the adverts that appear down the right hand side of every page on this site? They’re called Google AdSense ads and, if used correctly, they can be a sure fire way to make money from your website.

Here’s how it works...

By placing a small piece of code on each of your web pages, you can allow Google to automatically display either text or image ads in varying shapes and sizes wherever you want.

After that, Google does all the hard work for you and ensures that the ads which are displayed are relevant to the content of your web page.

Because the ads are relevant to what’s being talked about on your page, there is a much greater chance the ads will be of interest to your visitors. And that means they are highly likely to click on one or more of the ads.

Each time someone clicks on one of these ads, the advertiser (who will be a member of the Google AdWords programme) is charged an amount by Google for that click. In turn, Google passes on a percentage of that pay per click charge to you.

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Anyone with a spare few minutes and a website that receives a regular flow of visitors can quickly get themselves into a position where their AdSense income covers the basic costs of running their website.

However, with a bit more work, there is no reason why you can’t start to make a decent living from running AdSense on your site.

One person who has done this quite spectacularly is Joel Comm and it wasn't so long ago he was making only $30 a day with Google's AdSense program.

Then one day Joel began testing other ways to increase his AdSense earnings. Not only did it work, but... (and this is a BIG BUT) Joel documented everything he did to make his AdSense commissions shoot up to the sky. This is significant and here's why...

Now you can have access to it all where you'll view actual details of what Joel does to make some of the biggest commissions you'll ever hear about online...

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In his new AdSense book sweeping the internet, Joel candidly allows you to look over his shoulder.

Now your odds at winning with Google AdSense are more in your favour than ever before. And no, we're not talking about Joel doubling his AdSense commissions from $30 to $60 a day... but more like a staggering $500+ per day! (I told you it was significant).

Joel's commissions are now so huge that UPS has begun delivering his monthly commission cheques!

He climbed up to making $18,343 in December 2004 and it's quite possible it may keep climbing - with no end in sight... (Oh, and don’t worry – Google will pay out your commissions in sterling instead for UK based sites).

Joel's case study shows how it didn't take long once he knew how to tweak his AdSense pages.

I got my hands on this book a few months ago and have read it twice already. I plan on reading it again in case I missed something important because it's filled with so many gold nuggets.

Let me tell you, this one book is crammed solid with AdSense marketing tips - the kind you won't easily find elsewhere.

This is must-have marketing information and I highly recommend that you check it out for yourself if you are using AdSense now or if you ever plan to.

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