Laptop Projectors

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A laptop projector is a must for any business that wants to give slick and impressive group presentations.

Instead of messing about with overhead projectors and acetate slides, simply connect the projector to your laptop or desktop PC, point it at a projector screen (or even a smooth white wall), and away you go.

You can then display pictures, graphs, and PowerPoint presentations to your audience effortlessly.

One of the best projectors for business use is the Sony VPL-CS20.

It is no bigger than a piece of A4 paper and only 52mm tall, and weighs only 1.9kg, so it is simple to transport, fitting easily into your hand or a bag.

Its advanced intelligent auto-setup means that when you turn the projector on it will automatically adjust its focus and tilt angle, and establish communication with your laptop, ready for you to start your presentation with the minimum of fuss.

The VPL-CS20 retails for around £800, but it is currently possible to get one for free!

Yes, thatís right - Sony are currently running a competition where you could win a VPL-CS20 laptop projector. To enter this free competition, just click here.

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