Marketing Strategy

New and repeat customers are the lifeblood of any business. Marketeers constantly strive to come up with new ideas to get the same old message across –

Buy x from us because……

Think about your own circumstances. How do you get your clients?

Do you have multiple routes to market?
  • Passing trade
  • Trade and press advertising
  • Radio and TV
  • Direct Mail
  • Internet
  • Affiliate programmes
  • White labelling
  • Joint ventures
  • Networking
Are you structured in your approach?

Have a look at what you (and your competitors) have done in the past.

Were the campaigns successful and by what measure? What worked and what would you do differently next time?

Have you kept records to refer back to if you want to re-run the campaign again in the future? This might save re-inventing the wheel.

What do you want your campaign to achieve? Increase sales by x% perhaps? Launch of a new retail unit/product? Write your targets down and review them at the end of the campaign.

Who are your customers and what action do you want them to take as a result of seeing your campaign – phone/apply/e-mail/buy?

How can you best reach your target audience? Ask your PR and marketing advisers.

How much did the last campaign cost and what was the return per unit – did you cover your costs/make a profit? What was the cost per lead/sale?

Simply being busy is not good enough - a poorly targeted campaign can generate a large volume of respondents that are not interested in buying. These people are time wasters that eat into your profits and delay you in dealing with your profitable clients.

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