Online Property Investment

If you fancy the idea of investing in residential property, but are wary of a traditional buy to let investment, then Opromark could be for you.

Opromark is property investment made easy – instead of getting a mortgage and buying a whole property you can just buy shares in it. Opromark is the world's first online property trading exchange.

To use Opromark, simply visit their website and join. There is no membership charge.

Having signed up, you can deposit some cash in your account and then start viewing Opromark’s comprehensive property information and surveys.

Then, select your properties and buy shares online.

The properties are let out and managed on your behalf. You receive a dividend from the rental income and get to benefit from capital growth if the share price rises.

There are no investment limits so you can get started with just a few pounds, make a monthly investment, or pay in a lump sum. The choice is yours.

Unlike traditional buy to let investment, where you have to own many whole properties to spread risk, the Opromark model allows you to spread risk by investing small amounts in many different properties. In this way you can create a diverse portfolio regardless of investment size.

Properties are available across the UK, with overseas property coming soon.

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