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To find search engine optimisers who understand the search engines and get you top ten positions for the key phrase searches you need, go to Google and type in - search engine optimisers - and/or - website optimisers - and see which optimisation companies are in the top ten.


Some search engine optimisers can get a website into the top ten of Google and the other major search engines for uncompetitive key phrases with a few well placed keywords and meta tags. There are even a few companies who will take your money and actually do nothing but ignore your requests for a refund when nothing happens. There are however, only a handful of companies who can really optimise a website to compete on the really competitive key phrases.

As every website is different and every search engine has different algorithms, there are no text books or advice that are of any use to the inexperienced optimiser. In this business, it is pointless staying one step ahead of the competition when the best search engine optimisers are light years ahead of the rest.

Some search engine optimisers make claims about guaranteeing you top ten search engine positions on Google and other search engines. Google state that this is not true and that they have no working relationships with any search engine optimisers.

Websites only benefit from high levels of search engine traffic if they are optimised for popular competitive key phrases that people will use in high volumes and very few search engine optimisers have the knowledge to achieve this.


Search engine optimisation when applied to the high volume competitive key phrases that return websites in the top ten of the organic results on the search engines is labour intensive, requiring masses of research. It stands to reason that it cannot be that simple to gain top ten positions when the search engines have hundreds of millions of web pages indexed for popular keyphrases.

Therefore you should avoid any optimisation companies that make guarantees and expect you to pay in advance, tell you they have developed a miracle programme, have special relationships with the search engines or approach you via an unsolicited email.

Much of the information published on the web about search engine optimisation is unadulterated garbage. Most information is published simply to convince you to buy a programme or hire their services and normally found in the paid for sponsored results and not in the free organic results. If the optimisation company is paying to be there, their programmes or services cannot do the job they are claiming they can do for you.

Talk to the search engine optimisation company who put these pages in the top of the search engines.


Genuine search engine optimisers who are confident of their abilities do not charge up front for their services. Instead, they will look at a project and based on its merits, the website involved, the competition and numerous other aspects, gauge whether to take on a job. They will tell you if your ambitions are realistic and only undertake a task if they are confident of success.

Scopula, work in this way and will advise you if the job would be both economic and profitable to have done.

Legitimate search engine optimisation commences with in depth research of the task involved. This involves researching the top 10 or 20 performing sites, their content, the number of pages indexed by the search engines, how regularly the content is updated or changed, the current optimisation, the linking strategies, link networking, traffic levels, what other websites the people visiting these sites also visit, potential cloaking, other prohibited optimisation activities and scores of other areas of required data.

You see, real search engine optimisation is not a ten minute job, nor is it something that anyone can do. Having collated the information, Scopula then decide whether or not to take the task on and then prepare a quote and detailed action plan.

Scopula have a greater understanding of how the search engines work and search engine. Optimisation than any other company.

If you have an optimisation project, we recommend that you make contact with them.

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