Sewing Machine Repair Business

By Guest Author: Tony Asef

Sewing machine repair is one of the fastest growing businesses in the world today. Newspapers, women’s magazines, schools, and colleges are going all out to encourage people to do their own sewing, not only to make their own clothes but also to make clothes for other members of their families.

Statistics show that the number of women who now make their family wardrobe has grown tremendously. Now is the time when a sewing machine repair specialist can make money. Never before have the money-making opportunities been so great in this field, if you know what you're doing.

Latest figures from the USA show that over 89 million American women, because of high costs of ready-to-wear garments and undesirable workmanship of store-bought clothes, are now making almost all of the clothes for their families.

That is not all. Most of these women find true enjoyment and satisfaction in making the family wardrobe on their own sewing machine. So it is only natural that the demand for excellent service on these sewing machines is on the upswing and growing by leaps and bounds. Think of it! All those home sewing machines plus another 10 million sewing machines in schools, colleges and universities, children’s homes, and old peoples’ homes. Then there's the sewing machines in hospitals, prisons, tailor's shops, clothes shops, and the list could go on and on.

All of these sewing machines need service at least once a year and quite possibly four or more times each year. I'm well aware that some people are forced to return their sewing machine to repairmen time after time trying to get it fixed properly. Not all, by any means, but many so-called sewing-machine specialists simply do not have the knowledge or the know-how to set up, adjust and retime the modern sewing machine. I've seen sewing machines come out of a repair shop in worse condition than they were when they went in.

So for the above reasons, I decided to write a complete guide to sewing-machine repair and teach people how to repair their own sewing machine at home. On the very first day, you will find that our simple training method is amazing. I assume that you have had no previous experience with the repair of sewing machines. However, if you have had experience, you will learn how to use your knowledge to the best advantage. Your training will be practical from the first page on through to the end of the book. It is based on proven methods of top sewing-machine technicians.

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