Free UK Trade Information from HM Customs & Excise

Since 1 January 2005 a valuable free online service to get up to date UK trade information has been available at

The service is provided by Customs and Excise and allows businesses to access UK import and export information, establish trade patterns and provide possible marketing opportunities.

Originally a subscription service, the site provides valuable data including:
  • UK trade statistics within 24 hours of release
  • Analysis by quantity, value, time period, export, import and country
  • Personalised 'custom build' facilities with the ability to save and update trade tables
  • French, Spanish and German translation of data
  • Contact details of over 130,000 importers of goods into the UK a goldmine of data for businesses looking for suppliers of products and services alike.
uktradeinfo is the official statistical website for HM Customs and Excise. Businesses can contact uktradeinfo services on 01702 367485 for further information.

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