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If you have an Internet business idea or an existing website that does not perform or needs upgrading, your choice of design team is critical to the success of your project. The traffic to your website is going to come from a variety of sources. Other than your normal advertising, you will need traffic through the search engines and good linking strategies.

Whilst the look and functionality of a website are important to keep visitors onboard, it is the optimisation that will obtain the traffic in the first place. This is where design and optimisation often conflict with each other and why there are very few really good website design and optimisation companies.


A good analogy would be aircraft design. Anyone with a little artistic talent and imagination could draw a futuristic aircraft. But would it get off the ground and more importantly, stay there?

A full understanding of both design and engineering are therefore essential and this is just as important in the application of website design. There are plenty of companies who could design you a website. But will it fly?

Divadani Design an innovative website designer work with Scopula, the leading search engine optimisers in Europe. Together, they deign visually attractive, highflying websites that get results.

Even if you are offering a new and unique product or service, the search engines will have millions of pages indexed for searches related to your website. Unless you are able to capture huge swathes of your potential market quickly and establish yourself as the market leader, companies with more resources than you will quickly establish high ranking web pages and blot your website out of the search engines.

In order to succeed on the Internet you need to establish yourself quickly and the only way to do this is to employ the services of a professional website design and optimisation team.


Divadani Design is a website designer that knows the importance of designing websites that perform in the search engines which is why they stick to design, which is what they do best and employ the best search engine optimisers to ensure their websites are highly ranked.

Obviously, there are thousands of website designers, many offering services that any sensible business person will realise are incredulous. These designers are not the professionals you need to ensure success on the Internet.

If you are serious about your online business, you need to employ a top-level professional website designer with the skills to design and build a high performance website.

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