Website designers who design websites for businesses. Which website designers understand website design and optimisation? Advice on selecting the right website designers for your business.

Choosing a good website designer to design a business website from the tens of thousands of designers advertising on the Internet is a daunting task.

If you are in business, ideally you want a website that looks better than your competitorsí, functions better and most importantly, you want a website that out performs your competitors in the search engines.

The perfect scenario is to employ a design team that is going to knock your competition out of the ring. Thatís why a company like Divadani Design, a team of website designers that work with Europeís leading search engine optimisers are the best people to handle your internet project.


There are plenty of website designers who are capable of building attractive websites, but their eyes will glaze over if you tell them that you want your website to appear in the top ten of Google for searches related to your business. Very few design teams have the skills to do this because good web design and optimisation tend to conflict with each other. There are however solutions and attractive, high performing websites are possible if the website designers know what they are doing.

The first thing to do, is to undertake some research by doing a number of searches, related to your business on Google and the other major search engines. Depending on how many million pages the search engines have indexed, will determine how good a design and optimisation team you need. You certainly donít want any website designers who are punching above their weight, no matter how good a fight they can talk.

When the search engines are returning tens or hundreds of millions of web pages for searches related to your business, you need some world beaters, not your secretaryís brother or a friend you met a cocktail party.


Most website designers will argue that not every company can be in the top ten of the search engines, which is only partially true. Every website can be top for something, the important thing is being top for popular searches. These are generally the most competitive searches and where the money is being made.

Could you own a website capable of being one of the Internetís high fliers? Most certainly if you talk to the people who are used to working in this competitive arena. Owning or investing in a website that does not perform well in the search engines is a relatively pointless exercise unless you are prepared to invest in other forms of marketing and advertising to promote it and drive traffic to your site.

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